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Multi-Piece Center Caps

Our Rovos Multi-Piece center cap is one of the first of its kind.  It’s custom designed to fit our wheels perfectly, with a matching finish.  The caps come in the same color as the wheel.  You can even paint them yourself to match your car.   The “R” and Outer Trim Ring make any car look incredible when matched.


Gloss Black  |  Satin Silver  |  Satin Gunmetal  |  Satin Black  |  Black Chrome


Durban 18″

Cape Town 18″ (Satin Black, Satin Silver)

Cape Town 20″ (Satin Black, Satin Silver)

Pretoria 18″

Pretoria 20″  (Gloss Black, Satin Gunmetal, Satin Silver)

rovos center cap


The center caps ship with the same color and finish as your wheel, but you can customize them how you’d like.  This allows for customization like no other, and ensures that your ride stands out in the crowd.

Center Cap Layout